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The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is a worldwide professional body that represents professionals who work within the built environment. Chartered members may use the designation MCIOB (Member) and/or FCIOB (Fellow). And can be assigned as Chartered Builders or Chartered Construction Managers once they have demonstrated the required professional competence. Guides to order a fake Chartered Institute of Building certificate, fake CIOB Member certificate. Buy a Chartered Institute of Building diploma, buy fake certificate in Construction, 办理特许建筑师协会证书.

The CIOB was established in London on 6 March 1834 as the Builders Society by an eminent group of 15 Master Builders that included Thomas Cubitt and William Cubitt, to suppress trade unions and to: “uphold and promote reputable standards of building through friendly intercourse. The useful exchange of information and greater uniformity and respectability in business”.

By 1867, it had become The London Master Builders Society and had 76 members. In 1884 the society was incorporated under the Companies Act as The Institute of Builders, the principal objective being “to promote excellence in the construction of buildings and just and honourable practice in the conduct of business”. From 1886, the Institute had offices at 31-32 Bedford Street in London. Along with the Central Association of Master Builders of London and the Builders’ Accident Insurance Company.

Following substantial development, particularly in the years following the Second World War, The Institute of Builders changed its name in 1965 to The Institute of Building and, in 1970, adopted new objectives of a broader and more professional character. That year it also registered as an educational charity.