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“Chartered Marketer is a status recognising those marketers achieving the highest level in our profession. It demonstrates commitment to keeping up-to-date and is awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications. In 1998, The Queen’s Privy Council granted CIM the exclusive authority to award Chartered Marketer status.” Easy method to get a fake CIM Chartered Marketer certificate, Chartered Institute of Marketing certificate. Fake CIM certificate, buy fake degree in Marketing, 英国特许营销协会证书.

Chartered Marketer status was developed to encourage experienced marketers to keep their skills relevant through ‘the proactive maintenance and extension of professional knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to drive responsible practice throughout working life.’

Chartered Marketer status is not easy to achieve and is usually only attainable by seasoned marketing professionals with several years of experience under their belts. It requires dedication to continuing professional development (CPD), but as we’d recommend this to anyone wishing to achieve career longevity, there is no reason not to start the activities that will help you secure Chartered Marketer status at any stage of your career.

In the fiercely competitive world of marketing careers, any relevant experience or qualification that gives you an edge over other candidates will increase your chances of securing an interview. Once you are in the interview stage the way you engage and express yourself and the power of the examples you give will assume greater importance.