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The University of Lausanne offers its approximately 14,000 students education in the humanities and social sciences, environmental sciences, life sciences and medicine. Among its seven faculties, three are unique in Switzerland: law and criminal sciences, biology and medicine or geosciences and environment. A third of the masters are combined with other Swiss universities and nearly 7,000 annual teaching hours are exchanged with EPFL. Very international, a fifth of the students and a third of the teachers at UNIL are of foreign origin. Order a fake University of Lausanne diploma, replica Universite de Lausanne diploma. Fake UNIL diploma, buy fake Swiss diploma, order fake diploma in Switzerland.

Among its original and representative programs of the interdisciplinary approach of the UNIL. We count the Master in forensic sciences, the master in behavior, evolution and conservation, the interfaculty Master in law. Crime and security of new technologies or the master in public policy and management.

Formerly established in the city center, the UNIL is now installed on the green site of Dorigny, by the lake. This exceptional setting is conducive to study but also to the sporting and cultural activities offered by the UNIL to students and the general public.

Life and social sciences
The UNIL hosts 2,500 researchers in its institutes and laboratories. The synergies made possible by the concentration, on the Lausanne site of UNIL, of the Vaud University Hospital Center (CHUV) and the Polytechnic School, are a source of extraordinary dynamism in the field of life sciences. In the social sciences, the arrival in 2007 of the Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (FORS). Closely associated with UNIL, made Lausanne the national center for research in social sciences.