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In 2005 the University of Barcelona, which is very closely linked to the history of Barcelona and Cataluna. Commemorated the 555 years that have passed since the formal founding by the royal privilege granted by Alfonso el Magnánimo, in Naples on 3rd November 1450. Order a fake University of Barcelona diploma, buy fake University of Barcelona certificate. Make fake University of Barcelona transcript, fake Spanish university transcript.

The University of Barcelona (officially known in Catalan as Universitat de Barcelona – UB) is a public academic institution with all official offices in Barcelona. Its years of service grant it the legacy of being the main public University in Spain. It is the one University that admits more students and offers the widest and most complete learning program. Which covers qualifications from first and second year degrees to specially-made degrees, postgraduate studies, master programs and doctorates.

It is the main centre for Spanish university research and one of the most important ones in Europe. In terms of both the number of research programs available as well as the excellent quality obtained in this field. With this wide offer, The University of Barcelona has contributed to the democratization of knowledge of diverse generations of citizens of Catalonia and of the rest of Spain.

Its classrooms consist of a high number of foreign students who go to the UB in order to finish their studies. Since nowadays knowledge has become a transnational asset. The faculties and schools of the University of Barcelona are grouped into six different areas. Campus de Humanidades, Campus diagonal Portal del Conocimiento, Campus Ciencias de la Salud de Bellvitge. Campus de Medicina-Clínico August Pi i Sunyer, Campus de Mundet – University of Barcelona, Campus de la Alimentación de Torribera.