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The University of Barcelona is the second largest university in Spain (>85000 students). With a broad offer of studies, with more than 70 bachelor degrees and more than 150 master programs. The offer includes basic science, applied life sciences, as well as social sciences. This offer is divided into three different campus, all of them within the city of Barcelona. Moreover, the academic and scientific world is inherently international, and the University of Barcelina aims to incorporate this international dimension into its teaching and research activities, as well as the services it offers to the university community. In fact and due to the common language, large amount of students are coming from Latin-American countries. How much to buy a fake University of Barcelona diploma, replica Universitat de Barcelona diploma. Make a fake University of Barcelona degree, buy fake Spanish diploma.

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In 2006 the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the University of Barcelona (IN2UB) was created. With researchers from very different backgrounds, such as physics, chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry or medicine. The Institute aims to promote the maximum amount of collaboration among national and international research groups and centers, and to boost interdisciplinary basic and applied research activities.

The researchers at the IN2UB have been working intensively to favor the most suitable synergies among researchers by encouraging interdisciplinary activities that shall result in new frontier-knowledge projects and to establish relationships between researchers and those corporations with an interest in the different applications of nanotechnologies. By stimulating the implementation of joint projects that shall suit the technologically challenging requirements of the business sector. In fact, the University of Barcelona is among the top 100 universities in the world in many disciplines. Related to the health sciences, which includes studies of Pharmacy. Moreover, the external connection of the institute and the University of Barcelona with other technological and research centers and universities around ensures the research carrier of graduates within the local region.