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Nagoya University is a Japanese national university that traces its roots back to 1871, when its predecessor medical school was established. In 1939, the institution became the last imperial university of Japan. The university is located in Nagoya – the capital of the Aichi prefecture in Japan. It also has satellite campuses in other countries, including Cambodia, Mongolia and Vietnam, which offer programs for doctoral students. How Can I Order A Fake Nagoya University Diploma, Buy Fake Nagoya University Degree, Make A Fake Nagoya University Certificate, Make A Japan University Degree, 制作名古屋大学学位記.

In a recent year, more than 15,500 students attended Nagoya University and more than 60 percent of them studied at the undergraduate level. The same year, roughly 10 percent of the Nagoya student body was international. The university charges domestic and international students the same tuition rates and has several dormitories for international students located on or near campus.

Nagoya University has nine schools – letters, education, law, economics, informatics and sciences, medicine, science, engineering and agricultural sciences – as well as more than a dozen graduate schools and several institutes. The primary language of instruction is Japanese, but some undergraduate and graduate-level programs, called Global 30 International Programs, are taught entirely in English. These include undergraduate programs in chemistry and automotive engineering and graduate-level programs in medical science as well as economics and business administration. The university uses a semester-based academic calendar. Some of the university’s research centers and institutes are the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, the Institute of Innovation for Future Society and the Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe.