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Kyoto University is a Japanese national university that was founded in 1897. Originally known as Kyoto Imperial University, the institution received its current name in 1947. In a recent year, around 23,000 students attended the university. Kyoto University has three campuses – the main Yoshida campus and the Uji and Katsura campuses – as well as facilities located in other areas of Japan, such as field stations for research. Tuition costs are the same for international and domestic students, and some university student housing is available. Where to order fake Kyoto University diploma, buy Kyoto University degree, replica Kyoto University certificate, buy Japan university diploma, 制作京都大学学位記.

In all, 10 academic divisions at the university offer undergraduate degrees: integrated human studies, letters, education, law, economics, science, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, engineering and agriculture. Undergrads take courses in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as in more specialized areas. Kyoto University also has 18 graduate schools, including a school of Asian and African area studies as well as a school of management. The graduate schools offer master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs.

The university’s academic calendar is semester-based, and the primary language of instruction is Japanese. However, some English-taught programs are available, mostly at the graduate level, including a program in international environmental management and an MBA program. The university’s Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture offers 15-week supplementary Japanese language classes for international students and researchers. Some of the research institutes at the university are the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, the Disaster Prevention Research Institute and the Primate Research Institute.