Secrets About Making A WGU Diploma Certificate Online

WGU diploma, Western Governors University certificate,
WGU diploma, Western Governors University certificate,

Steps to order a WGU diploma, make fake Western Governors University certificate, buy a fake diploma. Western Governors University offers competency-based higher education, on the student’s schedule, entirely online. At its inception 25 years ago, WGU leveraged the burgeoning internet to reinvent education for modern needs.

When WGU began its quest in 1997, online learning tools were essentially non-existent, so WGU had to create home-grown tools. As both grew more popular and complicated, new solutions were required to meet demands and steady their foundations for the future.

WGU now operates in multiple regional hubs with three main corporate offices in the United States. They have 150,000 full-time students in all 50 states, and in military stations overseas. For the last 12 years, WGU has utilized the ServiceNow platform.

WGU has tried and discarded several ITSM products over the years, leaving ServiceNow as the only solution capable of keeping up with WGU’s growing demands. ITSM has decreased support resolution times without requiring a focus on additional personnel requirements.

With Knowledge Management WGU has provided content for multiple departments across 70+ Knowledge Bases. There are over 140 custom applications, 334 Service Catalog items, over 5,000 Knowledge articles, and integrations with Oracle, Salesforce, SailPoint, Active Directory, Atlassian, and more.