Smart Methods to Get A Virginia Driver’s License without Exams

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How long to get a fake Virginia Driver’s License, fake Virginia driving license, buy fake driver license, fake US driver license. Virginia has two levels of licensing: a Learner’s Permit and a Permanent Virginia Driver’s License. Upon turning 15 years and 6 months old, teens are permitted to apply for a Learner’s Permit. While holding the permit, the driver must receive a minimum of 45 hours, 15 of which must be at night, of behind-the-wheel practice driving while supervised by a licensed parent, legal guardian, or driver over 18 years old. Fifteen of the practice hours must be at night.

To qualify for a Virginia Learner’s Permit, applicants must:

Show two proofs of identity, one proof of legal presence and one proof of Virginia Residency
Show proof of Social Security number
Supply written consent and signature from a parent, custodial parent, or legal guardian
Complete a state-approved driver education program and provide the program certificate
Pass a vision screening and a two-part knowledge exam

Virginia imposes age-based restrictions on teen drivers. If under 18, the following restrictions apply:

Driving between 12AM and 4AM is prohibited except in cases of emergencies, traveling between work or school and home, when accompanied by a parent or adult acting in place of a parent, or when responding to an emergency as a volunteer.
Drivers are only allowed to carry one passenger under 18 in the first year of holding a license and the entire Learner’s Permit phase.
After the first year, drivers may not carry more than three under 18 passengers.