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Univerza v Mariboru diploma, University of Maribor degree,
Univerza v Mariboru diploma, University of Maribor degree,

Where to get fake Univerza v Mariboru diploma, order a fake University of Maribor degree, order a fake Diploma Slovenia. The University of Maribor is the second biggest and the second oldest university in Slovenia. Around 18 000 students study at the University of Maribor. It has seventeen faculties which offer undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. The University of Maribor is a regional developer and our faculties are located not only in the city of Maribor, but also in other parts of Slovenia.

Executive power is vested in the Rector, assisted by six vice-rectors, and the secretary general. The highest academic and professional body is the University Senate, comprising deans, deputy-deans, academic officials, researchers, and student representatives, who meet at periodic sessions in order to decide on the policy and structure of the University. The decision-making body in the field of management is the Management board.

The Students’ Council at the University of Maribor, led by Vice-rector student, has an important role and meets in periodic sessions to discuss student related issues.Courses of study offered by the University of Maribor and its member faculties are degree study programmes leading to the award of diplomas and credential programmes leading to the award of certificates.

Degree study programmes can be undergraduate (academic or professionally oriented) – 1st degree study programmes (lasting three or four years, depending on the field of study and its specifics), or posgraduate – 2nd degree (one or two years, with the exception of the master’s programme General Medicine, which lasts six years) and 3rd degree study programmes (lasting for three years). University of Maribor concluded adapting its study programmes according to the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. Since the academic year 2010/2011 University of Maribor is enrolling only students in Bologna study programmes. Study programmes are offered by the faculties as full time or part time studies.