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The University of Gloucestershire is a public university situated in Gloucestershire with three campuses in total. The university is situated in two locations with two campuses in Cheltenham and one in Gloucester which are Francis Close Hall, The Park and Oxstalls, respectively. The university gained its status in the year 2001. Before which its roots can be traced back to the 19th century when two distinct strands of educational provisions in Gloucestershire merged to form the University of Gloucestershire, UK. Where to order a fake University of Gloucestershire degree, buy a fake University of Gloucestershire diploma. Get fake University of Gloucestershire certificate, get fake UK diploma, 制作格罗斯特郡大学毕业证.

The university consists of 8 distinct schools of study which are School of Art and Design, School of Business and Technology. School of Education, School of Health and Social Care, School of Liberal and Performing Arts, School of Media. School of Natural and Social Sciences, and the School of Sport and Exercise. Along with the taught programmes, the schools are also responsible for leading the university’s research as well as commercial activities in their respective fields. Students have a range of courses and subjects to choose from as it offers almost 100 undergraduate courses. 57 post-graduate as well as PhD degrees.

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The undergraduate courses consist of Accounting and Law, Computing, Journalism, Business Management. Fine Arts, Humanities, Geography, Biology, Social Science, Education and Sports; while post-graduate courses are available in the areas of Accounting and Law, Business and Management; Computing, IT and Multimedia, Health and Social Care, Education, Humanities, Leisure, Media, Art and Design. Natural and Social Sciences, and Sport and Exercise. A range of financial support packages is available for undergraduate students such as the Care Leavers Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Partnership Bursary, Sports Excellence Funds, Financial Assistance Fund as well as Emergency short term loans and PGCE bursaries. Additionally, the university also offers unique sports with scholarships that are supported by the Rugby Football Union, the Football Association, England Netball and the English Cricket Board.