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Located in Western France, Université de Nantes is a major higher education and research centre based in the beautiful city of Nantes. Over the last 50 years, Université de Nantes has taken its training and research to the highest of levels and was awarded in 2017 the I-Site label for excellence universities operating internationally. How to get a fake Université de Nantes diploma, make a fake Université de Nantes licence. Fake University of Nantes certificate, buy fake French university licence.

In collaboration with local schools, university hospital, and research organisations, and removing historical barriers, Université de Nantes is currently developing a new model for the university, focused primarily on creating a global institution in the local area. The objective is to become the one and only University in the Nantes area, internationally renowned for its expertise in research, education and innovation on two major interdisciplinary societal challenges, future fealth and future industry, playing a major role in the economic development of its territory.

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Faced with today’s challenges, we are working on the reinvention of the university model, placing the student at the centre of its ambitions and attention. Campus life dynamics aim for creating a long-term community involving students and alumni.

Université de Nantes is one of the rare French universities to promote interdisciplinary studies, and within its campuses, different disciplines meet to enrich, develop and strengthen one another. Throughout 21 faculties and schools, 280 degrees are offered at Université de Nantes, with 43 research units working in all fields of knowledge. 75% of research units are A and A+ rated.

Located in a beautiful, natural environment situated in the heart of the city (North-West of France – 2 hours from Paris – 500.000 inhabitants), Nantes is a city renowned for its vitality, culture, economic development, and its quality of life. Thanks to additional campuses in Saint-Nazaire and La-Roche-sur-Yon, Université de Nantes maintains a strong presence within the territory.