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How to order fake universität siegen diploma, make a fake universität siegen degree, order fake Germany urkunde certificate. This modern high-profile university has international orientation and hosts more than 19.000 students and more than 11% come from other countries. The University of Siegen is guided by international cooperation and its central principle: “Creating a humane future”.

Today the University of Siegen The University of Siegen offers a 108 degree programs across four different faculties. The wide range of research activities includes basic and applied research across all faculties. From accounting to visual computing, University of Siegen offers a broad choice of subjects. The university is committed to interdisciplinary teaching and research as well as paying special attention to students. Being a modern university, it offers a comprehensive academic program which pays tribute to the heritage of its home region.

In 1964 the university was established as P?dagogische Hochschule Siegerland. This merged with a nearby technical college in 1972, creating a comprehensive university. However, the region’s academic heritage far predates the university. As far back as 1536, the theologian Erasmus was looking to establish a school in the area, at the request of William the Rich.

Siegen has four faculties: Arts and Humanities, Education, Architecture and Arts, Economic Disciplines and Science and Technology.

The university has over 120 international partnerships and takes part in ERASMUS exchanges.

As a high-profile research university, Siegen is home to several notable centres of investigation in fields such as particle physics, teacher training and gender studies, to name but a few.

Famous alumni from the University of Siegen include Siemens energy sector CEO Wolfgang Dehen, boxing champion Peter Hussing and the controversial film director Uwe Boll.

Siegen lies in the middle of the states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatin. The city lies in a picturesque setting of mountains, forests, rivers and valleys. It offers many of the pleasures most associated with old German towns, such as its castle, Oktoberfest beer festival and Christmas market. It is also, curiously, home to the world’s smallest museum of Beatles memorabilia.