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Universitas Dubliniensis degree, University of Dublin diploma,
Universitas Dubliniensis degree, University of Dublin diploma,

How much to make a fake Universitas Dubliniensis degree, buy fake University of Dublin diploma, order fake Ireland degree. The medieval University of Dublin (Latin: Universitas Dubliniensis) was an early but generally unsuccessful attempt to establish a university in Dublin, the capital city of the Lordship of Ireland. Founded in 1320, it maintained an intermittent existence for the next two centuries, but it never flourished, and disappeared for good at the Reformation in Ireland (1534–41). It was located in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. It had no connection with the present University of Dublin, better known as Trinity College Dublin, which was founded in 1592.

Pope Clement V granted the papal brief to found the university in 1311 to John de Leche, Archbishop of Dublin. De Leche died two years later, without having taken any steps to implement the brief, and his successor Alexander de Bicknor had many more pressing matters to deal with. It was not until 1320 that, by the authority of the papal brief of 1311, Bicknor issued a charter formally establishing the university.

He appointed regent masters to elect the proctors and the chancellor. The chancellor, although subject to the authority of the Archbishop of Dublin, had jurisdiction over the members of the university and power to enact college statutes, with the consent of the regents and the archbishop. There were two faculties, Theology and Law. The university had the power to confer degrees, and three Doctors of Theology were appointed.

From the beginning, there was an intimate connection between the university and St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, and the university was accommodated at the cathedral. Membership of the university seems to have been synonymous with being a canon of the cathedral, and the Dean of St Patrick’s, William de Rodyard, was elected the first chancellor. Michael Hardy was the first Master and Doctor of Theology.