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The UEC is a standardised test administered by the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools Working Committee (MICSS) since 1975. Which in turn is represented by members of the United Chinese School Committees’ Association (Dong Zong) and United Chinese School Teachers’ Association (Jiao Zong). The two associations are also jointly known as Dong Jiao Zong. How to buy a fake unified examination certificate, order a fake UEC certificate, 购买华文独考证书, buy fake Malaysian certificate.

The joint committee offers the Junior Middle Level (UEC-JML) and the Senior Middle Level (UEC-SML) examinations. And as well as a vocational training certificate (UEC-V). It also develops the curriculum for Chinese independent high schools.

These examinations are conducted in 60 Chinese independent high schools as part an education that lasts six years, though some schools also offer an additional year for students who want to prepare to sit for the STPM examination as a means to expand their opportunities for employment and further education.

UEC candidates are considered for direct entry to 2nd year for courses in Automation & Mechatronic Systems, Audiovisual Technology. Biomedical Science (non-medical laboratory technology option), Business Studies. Clean Energy Management, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Marine & Offshore Technology and Mechanical Engineering.
In general, students must have obtained credits in 5 subjects including the relevant ‘A’ Level-equivalent UEC subjects to qualify for consideration. For Business Studies and IT courses, a credit in SPM English Paper 1119 or 121 is also required.