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UNC Charlotte is the fastest-growing and third-largest university in North Carolina. Our large university with a small college feel, warm and sunny location. And outstanding academics are just a few reasons why students stake their claim at UNC Charlotte. Cost to buy a fake UNC Charlotte diploma online, order fake University of North Carolina diploma. Buy fake University of North Carolina degree, order fake UNC certificate, buy fake diploma in North Carolina.

UNC Charlotte features seven academic colleges with 171 undergraduate majors leading to 77 bachelors degrees. And is a driving force of growth, discovery and innovation for the metro Carolinas. Our direct light-rail connection to the city of Charlotte provides many opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom through internships, networking, and research. UNC Charlotte has been recognized as one of the ten most innovative colleges and universities in the country and for producing more start-up businesses than any other college or university.

In January 2017, the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina unanimously approved Higher Expectations. It’s a five-year Strategic Plan for the UNC System. The Plan calls on the UNC System to achieve ambitious goals in access, student success. Affordability and efficiency, economic impact and community engagement, and institutional excellence and diversity.

Progress on these goals and metrics will be achieved through the hard work and commitment of institutional leaders, faculty, and staff. In that spirit, University of North Carolina at Charlotte has identified these contributions that University of North Carolina at Charlotte aspires to make to the UNC Strategic Plan over the next five years.