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The Royal College of Surgeons of England possesses an outstanding library on surgery, dental surgery and related subjects, that dates from the late 15th century to the present day. In 2013 the RCS collections were was awarded Designated status by Arts Council England. How to make a fake RCS England certificate, where to buy fake Medical certificate. Buy fake diploma in Medicine, fake Royal College of Surgeons certificate.

The Library provides access to a wide variety of up-to-date surgical literature and textbooks. With a large selection available online to our Affiliates, Members and Fellows. These resources support surgeons and dental surgeons both in training and continuing professional development. Helping them to achieve and maintain the highest standards of surgical practice and patient care. The Library also acts as a repository for works published by the RCS, including Reports, Guidelines. RCS Council Minutes, Almanacs, Calendars and the Annals and Bulletin.

The historical, or special, collections are of national importance in documenting the achievement of British surgery from the 18th century onwards. The Library’s printed collections complement and are complemented by the collections held in both the College Archives and the Hunterian Museum. For more information about the history of the College library see the library webpages.