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Pepperdine University is a Christian liberal arts school situated in picturesque Malibu, California. Many students say the “professors are the greatest strength of Pepperdine,” citing “mentorship [and] research collaboration” opportunities thanks to the small classes. Faculty “genuinely care about your individual success, both personally and academically”. One student says that it’s normal for “them to invite students to their homes for dinner or to host a bible study group”. How to duplicate a Pepperdine University diploma. False Pepperdine University degree. Buy a false MBA degree online, buy fake MBA diploma in California.

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Professors are lauded as “very passionate” and “successful in their field”. Many professors take advantage of Pepperdine’s location with “field trips to the beach, lagoon, waste treatment plant, museums, and organizations in Los Angeles”. The great scenery doesn’t just include California: Pepperdine’s “absolutely fantastic” international programs are a draw for many. Sending students to destinations like Argentina, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, and China. “The Church of Christ mission is prevalent,” as all undergrads are required to take three religion courses.

Pepperdine students rave about their “welcoming,” “caring,” and “tight-knit” community. “Everyone is genuinely interested in how to make the world better and people take up a real interest in each other,” says a student. “Everyone always has a smile on their face” and “in times of crisis the support system is tremendously helpful”. “Even though there is a large group of both the left and right,” one student says this is “the most open-minded student body”. Students find “diverse … personalities and ideas” but say the school would benefit from attracting more students who don’t exactly fit the “Christian, white, conservative,” and affluent background. Students are “taught to live life with purpose, service, and leadership”. Overall there’s a “mix of driven entrepreneurs and chill surfers,” and “you have your partiers and then you have the very religious” students.

Students take pride in their “academically rigorous and beautiful school”. They find Pepperdine’s campus to be “drop dead gorgeous” with an “amazing ocean view”. Its prime location in Southern California means there are plenty of options for activities outside of the classroom: students “surf, hike, museums.” Of course, church is prominent here, too. “We are … allowed to freely incorporate our faith into our education,” one student says.