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Pace University was established as a one-room accountancy school in the New York Tribune Building by brothers Charles Ashford Pace and Homer St. Clair Pace in 1906. The school started with just 13 students and the Pace brothers as teachers. It soon became Pace Institute and began offering courses in business law and accountancy all across the country. New York State Board of Regents granted college status to the institute in 1947 and it became Pace University in 1973. The university currently holds the accreditation of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Also, its various programs are accredited by different prestigious professional bodies. How to make a fake Pace University diploma, order Pace University degree. Buy fake diploma in New York, duplicate a university diploma.

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Pace University has campuses in Westchester County and New York City. Situated in Lower Manhattan, the New York City campus has excellent infrastructure with spacious classrooms, several administrative offices. A community theatre, hi-tech laboratories, a bookstore and an 18-story residence hall. All in all, it offers first-rate academic and residential facilities along with amenities for various sports such as basketball. Football, swimming, dodge ball, soccer, and badminton. Located in Westchester County, the university’s 200-acre Pleasantville campus offers world-class accommodation and dining facilities with its five residence halls and various cafeterias and canteens. It also provides students with academic facilities like huge classrooms and an environmental center. Situated in Westchester County, the University’s White Plains Campus houses Elisabeth Haub School of Law.

Pace University’s six colleges and schools offer various doctoral, bachelor’s and master’s programs in over 150 subjects including accounting, acting, business, psychology, computer science, communication, economics, finance, nursing, management, and philosophy. It houses over 13,000 students from 48 U.S. states and 136 countries across the world. The university features an impressive faculty-to-student ratio of 1:16. It strives to provide its students with outstanding career services and employment opportunities. In 2018, the university’s students secured more than 7,000 internships, field experiences and co-ops with over 1,000 well-reputed employers. Around 89% of the bachelor’s students and 94% of the master’s students from the 2018 graduating class successfully secured employment or enrolled in higher education.