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Nottingham Trent University is one of the most sustainable universities in the world. And have been awarded Green Flags for the Brackenhurst and Clifton Campuses. They have approximately 27,000 students (HESA 2014 / 15) and have invested £350 million since 2003 across the three Campuses to create an inspiring learning environment. Make a fake Nottingham Trent University degree, order Nottingham Trent University diploma. Make a fake M.Sc degree, buy fake Master’s degree.

NTU offers great employment prospects to students at all levels. 94% of their graduates and 95% of their postgraduates are employed or engaged in further study six months after leaving (according to DLHE undergraduate and postgraduate survey results 2014 / 15). They aspire to be a truly global university. This aspiration is reflected in the new 2015-2020 internationalisation strategy: Connecting Globally.

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Nottingham Trent University has been embedded within the city centre for over 150 years and boasts D. H. Lawrence as an alumnus. In early 2014 Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Estates and Resources’ Team saw an opportunity to improve the experience of its students by identifying potential improvements to the City Campus that would help to enhance its sense of place and reconnect it with the wider city. They engaged P&DG to carry out an initial assessment of the built environment using ‘placecheck’ methodology, which was followed up by detailed market research and recording of footfall along key routes. Make A Fake Nottingham Trent University Degree, Order fake NTU Diploma, Make A Fake M.Sc Degree, Buy Fake Master’s Degree.

P&DG then formulated a draft vision for the regeneration of the Campus and started a dialogue with senior officers at Nottingham City Council (NCC). This highlighted the potential for a Place Leadership approach to delivering the joint ambitions of the city and University which would tie in with the City’s emerging aspirations for place-making through city ‘quarters’.  The first step was to get all the right people talking together.