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Originally known as Newcastle Polytechnic, Northumbria University is an open university that was formed in 1969 from the amalgamation of three regional colleges: Rutherford College of Technology, the College of Art & Industrial Design, and the Municipal College of Commerce. The university is associated with the Wallace Group and it gained the university status in 1992. Reason to order a fake Northumbria University degree online, buy Northumbria University certificate. Make a Northumbria University transcript, make fake UK degree and transcript, 制作诺森比亚大学证书.

The university focuses on research and business areas. It is in partnership with some well-known organizations like BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, International Centre for Life, and BINUS Design School. The university is considered among the top ten universities in the United Kingdom.

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The university comprises two campuses, namely the City Campus and the Coach Lane Campus. With its award-winning architecture, modern teaching buildings, and impressive sports facilities, the City campus create an environment that encourages learning and self-development. Also, the University Library is located within this campus which consists of thousands of books, journals, e-books, research papers, and documents. The campus also features a sports facility, Computer and Information Sciences Building, and high-tech laboratories for Life Sciences and Engineering. The other campus, Coach Lane is home to all students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and has excellent computing and library services, its own modern Students’ Union, and new sports facilities. Both the campuses are close to cafes, restaurants and general stores.

Many chemist shops, stationery shops, and ATMs are also nearby the campus. Public transport is easily accessible from the university. The campuses feature a calm learning environment for the students. The students can avail of all the required facilities within the premises. The university offers an undergraduate program and postgraduate program. The total strength of the university is about 31,500 students.