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Nelson Mandela University degree, Nelson Mandela University diploma,

How much to make a fake Nelson Mandela University degree, order fake Nelson Mandela University diploma, order fake South Africa degree. Nelson Mandela University, formerly known as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and before that, the University of Port Elizabeth, has links back to 1882. The current university was founded in 2005 with the merger of three institutions.

Offering a wide range of academic, professional and technological programmes at varying levels, Nelson Mandela University is a vocational institution preparing students for the professional world. There are around 130 fields of study including: accounting, website design, architecture, software development, law and nursing.

A number of courses on offer include workplace experience as part of the curriculum at Nelson Mandela University.

Nelson Mandela University is the largest higher education institution in the Eastern and Southern Cape, with around 27,000 students on campus every year. To satisfy the demand, there are seven different campuses. Six are in Port Elizabeth and one is in George. Each campus offers plenty of facilities for students.

For example, George Campus, at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains, offers ultra modern facilities including brand new gym facilities, a swimming pool, rugby stadium, football and cricket fields, tennis and squash courts, and plenty of mountain bike and hiking trails. Students can join plenty of different sports clubs.

South Campus, considered to be the main campus of the university, is built on a private nature reserve covering 830 hectares. The reserve has 22 mammal species, 16 reptile species, four amphibian species and 66 bird species.

To help prepare students for life after university, Nelson Mandela University has career services on campus. The aim is to prepare students for interviews as well as organising job placements during academic study. Additionally, the university organises an annual work fair for students.