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Established in 2002, London Metropolitan University is associated with the International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools, Universities UK, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the European University Association. The university was formed with the merge of the University of North London and London Guildhall University. In 2006, it developed a science center. Earlier, the institution was known as London Guildhall University. In 1992, it was awarded the university status. As the number of enrolments increased over the years, the university decided to expand its area. Ways to buy fake London Metropolitan University degree in UK, order a London Metropolitan University certificate. Buy fake UK degree and transcript, order fake London Met’s diploma and transcript.

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The university comprises three campuses. The main campus is located on Holloway Road. The campus aims to provide all the necessary facilities required by the students. The university has six schools at the campus, namely the School of Business & Law, School of Human Sciences, School of Computing & Digital Media, School of Social Professions, School of Social Sciences and School of Art, Architecture, & Design. All the fests, competitions, events, quizzes and seminars conducted by the university are organized within the campus. The campus is close to many cafes and restaurants. General stores, medical shops, and stationery shops are nearby the campus. Public transport is easily available from the institution. The students experience a peaceful learning environment at the campus.

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are a total of 12,145 students. The undergraduate program consists of 9,400 students and about 2,745 students are under the postgraduate program. The courses at the university are taught by well-experienced faculty members. They take students for industrial visits for practical knowledge and exposure. The student media at the university has launched a Verve magazine, a Verve radio show, and a law magazine. The Verve magazine involves articles about general politics, lifestyle, fashion, and sports. The radio show is maintained by the student’s organization on which the students share their thoughts and opinions. The law magazine includes articles on law, politics and international relations. The academic curriculum of the university has a broad range of subjects which allow the students to make choice among the courses according to their interests.