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Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is an international University with a global presence across Asia, Africa and Europe. Founded in 1991, the University has established worldwide recognition through its innovative brand of creative education merging the best of East and West learning. Where can we buy fake Limkokwing University degree in Malaysia, order a fake Limkokwing University of Creative Technology diploma. Buy fake Malaysian degree, fake Malaysian university diploma.

Seeing things through completely different lenses, Limkokwing University’s President Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Lim Kok Wing pushed for a paradigm shift in learning with creativity and innovation at its forefront. The University is known for its unique programmes focused on design, creativity and innovation. And acts as an incubator to harness talent and skill development. The University pioneered the ‘indusity’ programme (industry and university). Which sees students work on projects commissioned by its partners and work side-by- side with industry veterans to create original work—all within the University’s multicultural environment.

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By offering the latest programmes in fashion, architecture, business, media, design, IT, music, games and animation. And exposing students to its industry partners, the University seeks to form the next global generation of achievers who go on to dominate their respective industries.

Students have the added advantage of international networking by making friends from over 150 countries and experiencing a true multicultural society right on campus. These unique aspects of the University can be summed up by its guiding philosophy of embracing diversity and celebrating people’s differences. The Government of Malaysia recognises Limkokwing University as the University of Innovation, University of Transformation, University of Edu-Tourism. The Global University of Malaysia, University of Societal Innovation, University for Global Peace and University of Digital Innovation. Where Can We Buy Fake Limkokwing University Degree In Malaysia, Order A Fake Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology Diploma. Buy Fake Malaysian Degree, Fake Malaysian University Diploma.