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It is a public university and is the second oldest university in Queensland, Australia. JCU is a teaching and research institution. The University’s main campuses are located in the tropical cities of Cairns, Singapore and Townsville. JCU also has study centres in Mount Isa, Mackay and Thursday Island. Best website to buy fake James Cook University diploma, order fake JCU diploma, buy JCU degree, order fake Australian diploma.

A Brisbane campus, operated by Russo Higher Education, delivers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to international students. The University’s main fields of research include marine sciences, biodiversity, sustainable management of tropical ecosystems, genetics and genomics, tropical health care, tourism and engineering.

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In 1957, Professor J.D Story, Vice Chancellor of the University of Queensland proposed a regional university college be established to cater to the people of North Queensland. At that time, the only higher education providers were located in the state capital Brisbane. On 27 February 1961, the University College of Townsville was opened.

James Cook University (JCU) is surrounded by the spectacular ecosystems of the rainforests of the tropics, the dry savannahs of the Australian Outback, and the iconic Great Barrier Reef. JCU’s unique position enables students to study in a place unlike any other.

It is a comprehensive university, internationally recognised for excellence in teaching and research. Small class sizes, and lecturers committed to student success, make for a supportive environment. Buy fake James Cook University diploma, order fake JCU diploma, buy JCU degree, order fake Australian diploma.

JCU has three campuses, in the cities of Townsville and Cairns in Northern Queensland and in the vibrant city state of Singapore. JCU has 22,000 students, including close to 7,000 international students from over 108 countries.