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Procedure to order fake Jade Hochschule urkunde, make a fake Jade Hochschule degree, make a fake Germany degree. The Jade Hochschule is a state university of applied sciences in north-western Lower Saxony with study locations in Wilhelmshaven , Oldenburg and Elsfleth . The university offers 37 bachelor’s and 13 master’s courses in six departments and has around 7,200 enrolled students and over 650 teachers and employees. The Jade University sees itself as a modern university with a maritime focus and engineering and economics courses.

Jade University was founded on September 2nd, 2009. It emerged from the former Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences .

The university was founded on the recommendation of the structural commission “Future development of the Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences”, which recommended to the Lower Saxony state government a defusion of the Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences, which had only been merged in 2000, into the new universities of applied sciences Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth and University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer .

In October 2009, the name “Jade University” was chosen for the new university. The term Jade refers to the river Jade and is seen as a connecting element of the three study locations of the university. It was “catchy, internationally understandable, easy to pronounce in several languages ??and competitive” and had “a high recognition value”.

All three study locations of the university – Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth – have a long tradition in their respective training focuses. The nautical training in Elsfleth goes back to 1832. The largest nautical training center in Germany is now located here. Engineers have been trained in Oldenburg since 1877. The original academy for business economists was founded in Wilhelmshaven in 1947.