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ITT Technical Institute (often shortened to ITT Tech) was a for-profit technical institute. Founded in 1969 and with approximately 130 campuses in 38 states of the United States, ITT Tech was one of the largest for-profit educators in the US before it closed in late 2016. How to order a fake ITT Technical Institute diploma, fake ITT Technical Institute degree, fake diploma of closed university, buy fake diploma.

Students enrolled at ITT during their dissolution have campaigned for debt relief, often claiming ITT misled them. Students and an attorney at Harvard Law School’s Project on Predatory Student Lending have assisted student debtors seeking to have their debt forgiven.

In 2021, the US Department of Education allocated $1.1 billion in relief to an additional 115,000 former ITT Tech students.

ITT Technical Institute charged among the highest tuition fees in the industry. It also had the industry’s highest rate of loans that went into default within two years of attendance. In 2014, the annual tuition for attending an ITT Tech campus ranged from $45,000 to $85,000. Starting in about 2004, ITT Tech came under fire for questionable practices. The allegations included high-pressure recruiting tactics, falsified paperwork, high default rates on ITT Tech student loans, and inadequate educational standards.

Following state and federal investigations, the United States Department of Education prevented students from using federally guaranteed student loans at ITT Tech locations effective August 2016. All ITT Tech campuses were closed by September 6, 2016. On September 16, 2016, ITT Tech filed for bankruptcy. In 2018, ITT Tech’s court-appointed bankruptcy trustee sued the United States Department of Education and lenders to repay $1.5 billion in claims against ITT. They alleged that regulators took advantage of low-income students and neglected their oversight duties.