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How to make a fake Hochschule Hof urkunde, buy fake Hochschule Hof diploma, make a fake Germany urkunde certificate. Steps to order fake How to Own The University of Applied Sciences Hof (Hochschule Hof , HS Hof , HSHO , HAW) is a Bavarian university of applied sciences in Hof (Saale) and a campus university. The university has five faculties, four institutes, a Fraunhofer center and three external locations in Münchberg , Kronach and Selb.

The university is in the east of the city. It shares the Hof campus with the Bavarian Public Service College. There is also the Einstein1 digital start-up center and the Institute for Energy and Water Management (IWE).

The first considerations and plans for setting up an academic educational institution already existed in the late 16th century. However, when the responsible persons then decided on other cities as the seat of universities, Hof remained insignificant in the educational landscape. So people who wanted to study first had to leave the city. However, most did not return, leading to significant demographic problems in the second half of the 20th century. In order to counteract this, in 1974 the Free State of Bavaria established the Department of General Internal Administration at the Bavarian Public Service University (Hf?D) in Hof .

The University of Applied Sciences in Hof (HAW) was founded in 1994. Founding President was Georg Nagler , founding Chancellor Ralf Theune. Due to falling student numbers, the Hf?D left the newly founded HAW an extension for temporary use, which was handed over on September 12, 1994. Both universities cooperate e.g. B. through the common library catalog and the joint use of the catering facilities.

An increasing range of courses and several building extensions led to an increase in the number of students and teachers over time. In 2000, the faculty of textile technology and textile design ( Münchberg location ) moved from the Coburg University of Applied Sciences to the HAW.

The Bavarian-Indian Center for Business and Universities (BayInd) based on the Hof campus has existed since 2009 to coordinate and promote cooperation with India . The focus of the project is on the universities. The center is the contact point for exchange programs in studies, teaching and research as well as the central service facility for companies.