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Green River College is a two-year community college and a leader in university transfer. Students can save money, receive additional support and have time to consider their major before transferring to top U.S. universities. Where to buy fake Green River College diploma, order Green River College degree, fake Green River College certificate, buy fake college diploma.

Founded in 1965, the award-winning institution offers a more affordable education than traditional universities. More than 1,400 international students from over 60 countries study at the college each year. The total student population is around 11,000.

The college campus is based on 180 acres of beautiful forest land, where students are surrounded by trees and greenery. Learning takes place in modern buildings and facilities, and there’s on-campus accommodation. Students enjoy a diverse campus community with a vibrant social atmosphere, including over 60 student clubs as well as volunteer opportunities, sports teams and fitness facilities.

The international programs on offer include university transfer pathways, Intensive English and high school completion. Benefits include tailored advice services, peer mentoring schemes and leadership development programs.

Green River College is located in Auburn, Washington, which is 45 minutes south of Seattle. The city is home to 77,000 inhabitants, as well as parks, shopping malls, theatres, concert venues and sports facilities. It takes under three hours to get to Vancouver, and just two hours to reach the coast of the Pacific Ocean.