Is It Worthwhile to Get An MBA Degree? How Much An MBA Earns?

How to get an MBA diploma, buy MBA degree, how much an MBA earns, make a Master of Business Administration degree. The MBA can give your career a big boost. But the costs at the business schools are sometimes enormous. For whom the MBA is worthwhile, what it costs and what you have to consider when choosing a degree. The MBA is something like a title of nobility in capitalism. The abbreviation stands for Master of Business Administration and is also intended to shorten the path to upper management. An MBA degree can be worthwhile for engineers or scientists – especially financially. But before the cash register rings, the sometimes astronomical tuition fees have to be paid.

Harvard University MBA Degee
Harvard University MBA Degee

MBA is the abbreviation for “Master of Business Administration”. The MBA course is a general management course that covers almost all aspects of business administration. There are also MBA courses that are specifically geared towards specific sectors or subject areas such as logistics, engineering, finance, healthcare, renewable energies or artificial intelligence. They all aim to train future decision-makers for middle and senior management. An MBA traditionally follows the first academic degree, i.e. the bachelor’s or master’s degree. There is also the Executive MBA, which is aimed specifically at managers.

The prerequisites are usually the completion of a first academic degree and several years of professional experience, sometimes also a minimum score in the “Graduate Management Admission Test” (GMAT) and the TOEFL language test. These standardized procedures are particularly required of applicants at private universities. With the appropriate professional experience, you can sometimes even do your MBA without an academic background. This is especially true for MBA programs that are designed as further education for professionals. How to get an MBA diploma, buy MBA degree, how much an MBA earns, make a Master of Business Administration degree.

The MBA is primarily aimed at professionals with several years of professional experience who already have an academic degree such as a bachelor’s, master’s, diploma or master’s degree. It is of interest to graduates who have studied subjects such as engineering, natural sciences or humanities and would like to add business know-how or specialist knowledge and thus improve their career prospects. However, it is not unusual for business graduates to complete a Master of Business Administration in order to deepen their knowledge, upgrade their CV and get in shape for a managerial career.

In general: As an MBA, you can add a few euros to your annual salary expectations. Experts estimate the plus that job starters with an MBA can demand when starting their career at up to 20,000 euros a year. Last but not least, the purpose of a Master of Business Administration is to increase income.

According to the specialist portal Poets&Quants, MBA graduates from the most renowned business schools in the USA can expect starting salaries of between 140,000 and 160,000 US dollars a year. According to this, graduates of the Stanford Graduate School of Business are ahead with 158,400 US dollars per year (as of 2021). With a euro-dollar parity, as was observed in large parts of the year 2022, this amount corresponds to around 158,000 euros – an absolute top salary.