Steps to Apply for Fake French Diploma Legalisation to Use in China

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French diploma apostille, French diploma legalisation,

How to order fake French diploma apostille, fake French diploma legalisation for China, buy fake French authentication certificate. An Apostille Certificate is a simplified procedure of international attestation. When affixed to documents, Apostilles are directly recognised by the authorities of 117 countries (Signatories of the Hague Apostille Convention) as certifying the document’s validity, without requiring additional certification.

Since France is a signatory to the convention, Isarey can assist by obtaining Apostille Certification for French documents so that they are valid for official use in other signatory countries, including: United States -Spain -Italy -Portugal -Greece -Cyprus -United Kingdom -Germany

Consular Legalization is required when a document from France is to be used in a non-signatory country. In this case, following authentication by authorities in France, the document must be certified a second time in France by the embassy representing the country where the document is to be used.
Countries which do not recognise Apostille certification and require consular legalization include: Saudi Arabia -Qatar -Kuwait -United Arab Emirates -Taiwan -Vietnam -China

Certain French documents do not require legalization when they are presented to authorities of other European Union countries (the receiving authority should accept the original or a certified copy).

Documents not requiring legalization include birth, death, marriage certificates, certificates of nationality and residence, absence of a criminal record (see Regulation (EU) 2016/1191). Other documents, including academic certificates, still require Apostille certification and certified translation to be valid in other EU countries.