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Fitchburg State University, situated in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is a public institution dedicated to integrating high-quality professional programs with strong liberal arts and sciences studies. Established in 1894, the university presently has more than 40 undergrad programs and 22 graduate degree programs, and 7,500 full and part-time students. Cost to make a fake Fitchburg State University diploma, buy Fitchburg State University degree, get fake FSU certificate, buy fake diploma in Massachusetts, 制作菲奇堡州立大学毕业证.

The most competitive majors at Fitchburg State are Nursing, Communications Media (counting Film and Video Production), Education, Business Administration, and Industrial Technology. Fitchburg State University offers 56 undergrad majors and concentrations in 25 departments from Biology to Pre-Professional Programmes.

The university likewise offers more than 40 graduate and certificate programs. The university no longer requires the GRE and GMAT for entrance. It likewise offers undergrad certificates in Business Administration and Web Development, both of these are 100% online only.

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