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The FernUniversitat in Hagen is a rock in the German university landscape – and has been indispensable there for decades. Compared to other universities, it is the only state-run distance learning university that plays a special role, not only in terms of its immense size. Due to the very high efficiency with which the FernUniversitat works compared to state-run universities. For example, in terms of the number of students per professor, government grants remain for other areas. For example, the Hagen Fernuniversitat can afford not to raise a tuition fee yet. Even though the legal basis for this has existed for years. Where to order fake FernUniversitat in Hagen diploma. Order fake Germany diploma, order a fake diploma certificate in Hagen, buy fake diploma online.

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The Hagen Fernuniverstitat also plays a special role within the German distance learning landscape. Not only because of its university status (most private universities are universities of applied sciences). But also because of its size and professional orientation. Studying at the FernUniversitat is significantly more academic and less practice-oriented than that of most private Fernhochschulen – but what can be an advantage, the FernUniversitat combines many advantages from both sides. For example, studying in Hagen is possible without a high school diploma – and that at a state university.

Studying at the FernUniversitat in Hagen works according to the principle of blended learning: In addition to the pure online study, face-to-face events are held at over 40 regional and study centers throughout Germany and other European countries – these are to be seen as additional training courses and are not mandatory; In these centers, oral and written examinations are also performed. Which are the main form of examination in addition to submission tasks and homework.

The range of courses at the FernUniverstitat Hagen is extremely diverse and very similar to that of a face-to-face university – apart from subjects such as medicine, of course, which simply cannot be achieved by distance learning. Among other things, studies in cultural studies, political science, psychology, computer science, mathematics, law, business informatics and economics are offered in Hagen. Corresponding master’s programs are also offered in these areas.