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Fayetteville State University diploma, Fayetteville State University certificate,

How to make fake Fayetteville State University diploma, order a Fayetteville State University degree, buy fake diploma certificate online. Fayetteville State University is a constituent of the University of North Carolina. It originally grew out of two schools, the Philips School and the Sumner School, which provided education for the black citizens of Fayetteville in the 1860s. In 1869 the two schools united as the Howard School, named after the Freedman Bureau’s chief, General Howard.

Despite an economic depression, the population of Fayetteville continued to donate to the school, which grew in size and resources. In 1877 the Howard School was selected to become the first teacher training school for black students in North Carolina and in the South as a whole. After years of expanding its curriculum, the school finally became Fayetteville State University in 1969. Its long history makes it the second oldest university in North Carolina.

A student-centred approach to education is key to Fayetteville State’s mission. The university takes measures to care for student wellbeing such as taking part in the Freshman Year Initiative, a programme which looks after students transitioning from school to their first year of university.

Over 40 undergraduate programmes, 20 master’s and one doctorate in education are available at Fayetteville State.

Fayetteville State athletic teams have won Central Intercollegiate Athletics Association (CIAA) championships in football, basketball, golf, volleyball, tennis, bowling, and softball. They compete under the nickname Broncos.

Fayetteville City itself is a historic town with museums, sports stadiums and public parks.