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Wright State University first opened in 1964 as a branch campus of Miami University and Ohio State University, occupying only a single building. Groundwork on forming the institution began in 1961 during a time when the region lacked a public university for higher education. A community-wide fundraising effort was conducted in 1962 to establish the university, and the campaign raised the $3 million needed in seed money. Much of the land that the campus was built on was donated by the United States Air Force from excess acreage of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. How to make a fake Wright State University diploma, buy fake Wright State University degree, get a Wright State University certificate, get a fake diploma in Miami, 制作莱特州立大学毕业证.

The Ohio General Assembly passed legislation in 1965 that transformed the branch campus into a separate institution with its own Advisory Committee on November 5, 1965. It was anticipated the campus would achieve full independent status by 1967 with its rapidly increasing enrollment of full-time students, projected to reach 5,000 within two years. On October 1, 1967, the campus officially became Wright State University following a decision by the Ohio Board of Regents. The name honors the Wright brothers, well-known Dayton residents who are credited with inventing the world’s first successful airplane. In 1969, a 173-acre (70 ha) branch campus opened on the shore of Grand Lake St. Marys in Celina, Ohio

In 2017, Wright State University celebrated its 50th anniversary. Coinciding with the historic event, Wright State created a 50th anniversary website to highlight important milestones and events throughout the university’s history.[10] The celebration culminated at Homecoming on September 30 – October 1, 2017, the last day of which was the university’s official 50th anniversary.