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University College London (UCL) is one of the world’s top universities. Based in the heart of London, it is a modern, outward-looking institution. At its establishment in 1826, UCL was radical and responsive to the needs of society, and this ethos – that excellence should go hand-in-hand with enriching society – continues today. UCL opened up university education in England to those who had been excluded from it. In 1878, it became the first university in England to admit women students on equal terms with men. Academic excellence and conducting research that addresses real-world problems inform our ethos to this day and our plans for the future. Method to make fake University College London degree, buy a fake University College London transcript. Order fake UCL degree and transcript online, buy fake degree and transcript.

UCL’s excellence extends across all academic disciplines; from one of Europe’s largest and most productive hubs for biomedical science interacting with several leading London hospitals, to world-renowned centres for architecture (UCL Bartlett) and fine art (UCL Slade School).

UCL is in practice a university in its own right, although constitutionally a college within the federal University of London. With an annual turnover exceeding £1 billion, it is financially and managerially independent of the University of London.

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014, published in December 2014) – a new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions – UCL was rated the top university in the UK for ‘research power’ (the overall quality of its submission multiplied by the number of FTE researchers submitted). It was rated top not only in the overall results, but in each of the assessed components: publications and other research outputs; research environment; and research impact.