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How long to get a Fake NCOI diploma, fake Holland diploma, buy fake NCOI certificate, order fake Holland diploma certificate. NCOI is the largest educational organisation in the Netherlands, with a leading position in the private education market. Founded more than 25 years ago to develop knowledge, competencies, and skills of the Dutch labor market by fostering life-long learning, the organisation now employs more than 2,000 to serve 225,000 students per year under more than 14 distinct brands.

“The first Barracuda spam filter NCOI had implemented more than 10 years earlier, when there were just 200 employees, kept the inboxes clean – until it didn’t anymore because of new techniques,” said Gert Jan van der Burg, the company’s network engineer. “Emails that were supposed to be stopped were getting through. Emails that were supposed to get through were getting stopped. Hours and hours were being wasted every day going through quarantined emails and it was clear that a spam filter alone wasn’t enough to stay secure anymore.”

In addition to spam filtering, data backup and file restoration were also top concerns, to deal with ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.

In light of the growing cybersecurity issues, combined with the company’s transition from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365, NCOI decided to implement a stronger email security solution that included secure backup of Office 365 data.