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In November 1960 the Board of Governors and Senate adopted blue and gold as the Laurentian team colours. Rejecting the student preference for copper-red and nickel-grey, a more regionally appropriate but less eye-appealing choice.

With more than 175 degree programs at the undergraduate and graduatelevels, and flexible degree options. Laurentian offers a comprehensive range of high-calibre programs. Our programs in architecture, forensic science, sports administration, midwifery, human kinetics. Indigenous studies and many others provide unique learning experiences and diverse career opportunities for graduates.

The mandate of Office of Research Services (ORS) is to support researchers with all aspects of their research activities. This mandate encompasses a broad suite of services which includes assisting researchers in every step of the pre and post research grant funding process, grant funding administration, knowledge mobilization, human participants research ethics, animal use protocols, and intellectual property management and technology transfer.