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How to make a fake Hochschule Anhalt urkunde, order fake Hochschule Anhalt degree, order fake Germany degree certificate. The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has existed since 1991 with locations in Bernburg (Saale) , Dessau-Ro?lau and K?then (Anhalt).

The opening ceremony of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences took place in March 1992 in the Hall of Mirrors at K?then Castle . At that time, the company had been running for six months, namely since October 1, 1991. In the 19th century, the Higher Technical Institute in C?then existed in K?then, where engineers could do three -year studies in electrical engineering , mechanical engineering, chemistry , metallurgy, brickworks or ceramics were trained.

The former Technical University of K?then existed parallel to the University of Applied Sciences in Anhalt until September 1993. The students at the technical university were able to complete their studies, especially since the technical university in K?then was a branch of theUniversity of Magdeburg was.

Agricultural training began in Bernburg as early as 1880 with the founding of the Anhalt Experimental Station in Bernburg by Hermann Hellriegel . This was followed in 1947 by the founding of the Institute for Plant Breeding in Bernburg, in 1961 by the founding of the Bernburg University of Applied Sciences for Agriculture, in 1967 by re-profiling to become a University of Agriculture and Food Industry and from 1981 by the development of four-year direct studies in the fields of agricultural economics, business administration and economics. On October 1, 1991, the Thomas Müntzer College of Agriculture became part of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.