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While getting accepted to one of the eight Ivy League schools in America, including the No. 1-ranked Princeton University, has long been notoriously difficult – admission at top colleges overall has become increasingly challenging as more students apply.

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Just about 8.9 percent of all applicants to Ivy League colleges were admitted for fall 2016, U.S. News data show. The average acceptance rate at four-year colleges and universities nationwide was about 66 percent the year prior, according to the 2016 State of College Admission report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling. We offer fake admissions, fake diplomas, fake degrees, fake transcripts of all American universities.

Students who apply early may fare better in the Ivy League admissions process. The average early decision acceptance rate at Ivy League schools was about 23 percent for fall 2016. These programs are binding, meaning students pledge to attend if they get in.

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Princeton, which has a nonbinding single-choice early action program, accepted about 20 percent of its early action candidates in fall 2016. The average early decision acceptance rate for schools nationwide was about 62 percent, while it was 73 percent for early action programs, according to data from a 2016 NACAC survey.

But applicants still typically need to have high test scores and top-notch grades to land a spot in the Ivy League. The average SAT critical reading score among freshmen was about 721, while they scored an average of about 735 on the math section, according to 2016 data submitted by Ivy League schools to U.S. News. The average ACT score was 33. BuyIvy League schools degree, buyIvy League schools diplomas, buyIvy League schools trasncripts.

Ninety-four percent of freshmen at institutions in the Ivy League were in the top 10 percent of their high school class, U.S. News data show.