Fake Diploma, Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

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We accept below three payment methods:

1. Western Union: We prefer payment by Western Union since it is very easy to transfer the money online or from local WU agent, and usually we can get the money within minutes so that we can start your order earlier.

2. International Wire Transfer: usually International Bank transfer will be received buy our bank in 1-3 working days. There would be some delay in some countries, if you need your order urgently, it is not the best option.

3. Moneygram: After you transferring the payment, please provide us following details: 1. Reference number; 2. Sender’s first name; 3. Sender’s surname; 4. The country of payment. 5. The amount. Please note that in order to protect your and our privacy, choose “gift” as the purpose of remittance.

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