How Long It Takes to Get Fake AM2 Certificate? Buy Electrician License

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Steps to get fake AM2 certificate, make a AM2 certificate, buy fake National Electromechanical training certificate online. If you’re in the later stages of studying to become an electrician, you are required to complete a final assessment to demonstrate your acute skills and technique. This is called the AM2 Electrotechnical Assessment of Occupational Competence.

If you’ve been studying the City and Guilds 2365 Electrotechnical Technology, or City & Guilds 5357 NVQ Level 3 to qualify as an electrician, the next step is to complete an AM2 assessment to officially prove your competence. The AM2 qualification is also one of the requirements for obtaining the ECS/JIB, Approved Electricians Gold Card.

If you are an electrician working for some time, you do not need to have an am2. The anm2 is designed to make sure younger electricians who have completed a 4-year training course have the required skills to work in your home.

Achievement Measurement 2, is a practical skill-based exam containing 5 test modules to ensure the qualified young electrician is up to speed with their practical skills. AM2 is administered by the National Electromechanical training (NET). After completing the assessment successfully, you can be recognised as an electrician.

Is it worth being an electrician in the UK?
Yes, Electricians are highly sought after tradespeople, and once qualified, the potential for high earnings is a reality. There is a shortfall of qualified electricians of around 1500 each year, and the shortfall gap keeps widening as there are not enough youngsters coming into the trades. If you work hard by the time you are in your mid-twenties, you could be earning close to a 6 figure salary that is enviable by anyone’s standards.