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How to get fake Fachhochschule Erfurt urkunde, make a Fachhochschule Erfurt degree, make a fake Germany degree. In 1901, a royal Prussian building trades school was founded in Erfurt on Schlueterstrasse. In 1947, the Engineering School for Civil Engineering emerged from it. In 1946 an engineering school for horticulture and in 1955 an engineering school for supply engineering were founded. On October 1, 1991, these institutes formed the basis for the founding of the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences with the newly formed departments of landscape architecture and social affairs.

On October 15, 1992, the new Department of Economics (today: Economics) was opened. At the beginning of the winter semester 1994/ 95, the additional studies in industrial engineering started in the new traffic and transport department. In the same year, the restoration department (today: conservation and restoration) was added. Both are real innovations at the universities of applied sciences in the new federal states.

This offer is supplemented by the interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in applied computer science, which opened in 2000 and also began with the master’s degree in 2004. At the beginning of the 2007/08 winter semester, the bachelor’s degree in forestry and ecosystem management started, which continued the range of courses offered by the forestry college in Schwarzburg (closed in 2008) in a new form. This course was included in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, which has since been called Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Forestry. The Erfurt University of Applied Sciences is thus continuing a long tradition of forestry education in Thuringia, which has its origins in the Drei?igacker Forest Academy and in theGrand Ducal-Saxon forestry school in Eisenach .

Also in 2007/08, the part-time bachelor’s degree in Education and Upbringing of Children, which is part of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, started.

In 2008, the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences gave itself a new basic structure. The structure of the university has also changed: 6 faculties were created through the merger of former departments.