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Erie Community College diploma, SUNY Erie certificate,
Erie Community College diploma, SUNY Erie certificate,

Why I order fake Erie Community College diploma online, buy SUNY Erie certificate, buy fake college diploma online. Erie Community College is a higher education institution located in Erie County, NY. In 2021, the most popular Associates Degree concentrations at Erie Community College were General Studies (344 degrees awarded), General Business Administration & Management (160 degrees), and General Social Sciences (116 degrees).

In 2021, 1,735 degrees were awarded across all undergraduate and graduate programs at Erie Community College. 51.4% of these degrees were awarded to women, and 48.6% awarded men. The most common race/ethnicity group of degree recipients was white (1,177 degrees), 5.05 times more than then the next closest race/ethnicity group, black or african american (233 degrees).

The median undergraduate tuition at Erie Community College is $5,047, which is $−2,921 less than the national average for Associates Colleges ($7,968). 44% of undergraduate students at Erie Community College received financial aid through grants or loans in 2021. This represents a decline of 10.2% with respect to 2020, when 49% of undergraduate students received financial aid.

This chart compares the average award discount at Erie Community College (in red) with that of other similar universities. The average award discount is the ratio between the average grant or scholarship value, and the cost, which is the sum of out-of-state tuition, room, board, book, supplies, and other expenses.