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DeVry was founded in 1931 as the De Forest Training School in Chicago, Illinois. School founder Herman A. DeVry, who had previously invented a motion picture projector and produced educational and training films, named the school after his friend Lee de Forest. De Forest Training School originally taught projector and radio repair. But later expanded to include other electronic equipment such as televisions. after its founder’s death in March 1941, The school was renamed DeVry Technical Institute in 1953 and gained accreditation to confer associate degrees in electronics in 1957. How to get a fake DeVry Institute of Technology diploma. Fake Devry University diploma, DeVry Institute of Technology certificate, fake US diploma.

Bell & Howell completed its acquisition of DeVry Technical Institute in 1967. A year later, the company acquired the Ohio Institute of Technology and DeVry was renamed DeVry Institute of Technology, which was accredited to confer bachelor’s degrees in electronics in 1969.

DeVry University admissions is least selective with an acceptance rate of 94%. The application deadline is rolling and the application fee at DeVry University is $30.

Admissions officials at DeVry University consider a student’s GPA an important academic factor. An applicant’s high school class rank and letters of recommendation are not considered by admissions officials at DeVry University.