Best Reasons to Order Fake DELF B1 Diplôme online

DELF B1 diplôme, DELF certificate 2023,
DELF B1 diplôme, DELF certificate 2023,

Where to buy fake DELF B1 diplôme, order fake DELF certificate 2023, buy a fake French language certificate. Having a DELF B1 certification is extremely valuable for many reasons. If you already live in a French speaking country, or work within a French company, it will help you understand and communicate better with the people around you.

If you are looking to apply for a French residency card (Carte de Résident), if you already have a B1 certification, you will not need to worry about passing any kind of test, as an A2 level in French is required for a 10 years residency card.

Also, having a B1 level in French will open many doors, career or study opportunities.

According the the Common European Framework, B1 learners will be able to understand and exchange in a discussion related to familiar things (work, school, leisure…). It also means the learner is autonomous if they have to travel in a country or region where French is spoken. They should also be capable of recounting an event, presenting an idea or developing explanations for a project. Level B1 is the first level of independent user.

Each of these elements is scored out of 25 points, so the four of them represent a total of 100 points. To pass the exam, you must score a total of at least 50/100. However, if one of the four marks is less than 5/25, then it is eliminatory.

Note: the composition of certain tests, may change from time to time, so be sure to regularly check updates.

At the DELF B1 level, you are a candidate who is already more comfortable with the language. Your level is described as “independent”. You can manage in everyday situations. You can also give your opinion, understand a discussion, or interact with other people.