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Steps to make a fake California Coast University diploma, buy California Coast University degree, order fake CCU certificate, buy fake diploma California. Have you always dreamt of attending a California coast college? Since 1973, Cal Coast University has been a leader in online post-secondary education. California Coast University (CCU) is a for-profit, online private university. CCU aims to help students whose location or other personal circumstances prohibit them from completing their education in a traditional classroom setting, or from attending night school. Moreover, California Coast University tuition is one of the most affordable in the state.

CA Coast University’s mission is to offer quality, affordable, flexible, online undergraduate and graduate educational programs. California Coast University’s online education model helps students attain higher education while saving time and money, and working at their own pace. CCU presently offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration, management, marketing, psychology, criminal justice, human resource management, health care management, and education. CCU also offers online doctorate degree programs.

California Coast University tuition and other fees are the same for both in-state and out-of-state students. The total cost of attendance ranges between $15,915 and $43,515 per year. That number is drastically lower if you live with your parents, or in a neighborhood with cheaper rent. Tuition is about $4,725 per year for undergraduate students, and books cost about $35 per rented book.

Room and board is quite expensive in California Coast University’s zip code area (92701). You’re looking at between $850 and $3,150 per month to live nearby. Since Cal Coast University is an online institution, you could save money by living in a less expensive area.