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Steps to order a fake Modesto Junior College diploma, buy a Modesto Junior College associate degree, buy fake associate degree. Modesto Junior College (MJC) is a public community college in Modesto, California. It is part of Yosemite Community College District along with Columbia College. MJC, and Columbia College, belong to the California Community College system along with 112 other public community colleges. The college has two campuses in Modesto. The East Campus is the original campus while the West Campus is the larger of the two. Courses are provided in general education, lower-division transfer programs, occupational and developmental education.

MJC is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

Modesto Junior College can trace its roots to the decision by the California State Legislature in 1907 to authorize high schools to create junior colleges what were termed “postgraduate courses of study” similar to the courses offered in just the first two years of university studies.

Shortly after the decision by the legislature, Fresno City College was formed 96 miles south of Modesto. Due to the success of Fresno City College, the state legislature passed legislation in 1921 allowing for the creation of community college districts. Modesto Junior College, founded in September 1921, became the first community college district.

Modesto Junior College started out with only 61 students but has since expanded to over 19,000 students. In addition to enrollment increases, the school has expanded to having two campuses MJC West and MJC East along with more than 20 community sites throughout the Yosemite College District that are used to meet particular education needs.