The Most Popular Countries to Study Abroad in China

1st Place: United States

   1. There are many top universities in the United States to choose from, and there are a considerable number of private and public (state university) universities, many of which are world-class. Among the top 50 universities in the world, the United States accounts for about 20 universities, and the United Kingdom has only about 5-10.
   2. Strict management, improve self-independence, and improve learning effectiveness.
   3. Specialization, business and high-tech fields are the main application directions.

   1. The most expensive country to study abroad in the world. The cost of studying in the United States is not a small expense. Especially for foreign students, in addition to rising American university tuition, there are also rising living expenses, accommodation fees, and so on. The minimum one-year fee is about 150,000-200,000 yuan, generally 300,000-400,000 yuan a year.

  2. Differences in learning styles and values. Due to the cultural differences between China and the United States, coupled with the long-term study of overseas students, most Chinese students do not adapt to foreign learning lifestyles and values ​​after going abroad.

   3. Under great pressure, admission is difficult. Because American universities, especially famous schools, promote elite education, they have high demands on students. Students will need to submit various materials and language requirements, so if you want to go to a well-known school, the language level requirements will be very high. Buy a fake diploma of most famous United State university-

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2nd Place: United Kingdom

   1. The education system in the UK has a long history, with a history of more than 700 years of development, with strong strength and solid foundation, and a very rigorous style of study. Compared with American universities, British institutions of higher learning pay more attention to basic theoretical research and high-tech development, and their research results enjoy a high reputation in the world. People have long said that “invented in Britain and applied to the United States”.
  2. The British educational system is short. In the UK, the time to obtain a degree is shorter than in most countries. In general, the undergraduate is three years, the master is one year, or even a short-term degree of less than one year, which is relatively rare in most countries.
  3. High welfare: International students who have obtained a visa for more than 6 months can enjoy free medical services.

   The degree of recognition of college entrance examination scores is extremely low; there is no advantage in immigration policy; the one-year master’s degree after the undergraduate degree will have too much academic pressure, buy fake UK degree; the degree of recognition of academic qualifications is not as good as that of the two-year program. Most Popular fake UK university degree

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3rd Place: Canada

   Although the United States and the United Kingdom are ranked first and second respectively, Canada’s status as an ideal alternative country is rising, and it has now surpassed the United Kingdom as the second most popular study abroad destination.
   1. First-class education level, Canada is one of the few countries with the most complete education system in the world and the highest level of education. It is in a leading position in many fields worldwide.
  2, working families can also choose: the cost of studying in Canada for a year is about 150,000 to 200,000 yuan. Compared with countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost of studying abroad is relatively low. But compared with low cost, the quality of life is not lower than in these countries.
  3. More good immigration policies: Due to the abundance of land, Canada’s national policy is to encourage study abroad and immigration. It usually takes 4 to 5 years to apply for skilled immigration outside of Canada, and the immigration policy for students studying in this area is very loose, usually within 6-12 months.

   1. Visa application is much more difficult than in the United States. The rejection rate of student visas is the highest in the world. The various documents required are shocking. If you don’t pay attention to them, they will be rejected.
  2. Scholarship application is difficult and the number of graduate students is small. Canadian higher education is basically public. Without the support of large consortia, it is difficult to apply for scholarships. Canadian universities have fewer opportunities for undergraduate scholarships, and more opportunities for master’s and doctoral scholarships, but most people go to study for undergraduates.

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4th Place: Australia

   1. First-Class Teaching Quality: Australian Authorities Have Strict Requirements On The Teaching Level Of Domestic Colleges And Universities To Ensure The Training Of Students With Excellent Academic Performance. Its University Is Based On Enlightenment And Knowledge Transfer, And Has A Pivotal Position In The International Academic Community.
   2. The Admission Procedures Are Simple And The Visa Pass Rate Is High.
   3. Improve Welfare And Relax Policies: A Series Of Welfare Has Been Established For Overseas “Study Abroad”. Students Can Enjoy Full Medical Insurance In Australia And Enjoy Preferential Transportation Facilities. Australia Welcomes Students Studying Abroad. Students Can Legally Work 20 Hours A Week (Unlimited On Saturdays, Sundays And Holidays).

   Disadvantages: Immigration professional restrictions are relatively large.

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5th Place: Germany

   1. Almost free university education: This is unique in developed countries. Establish a credit system, master study time, and complete study calmly. This undoubtedly reduces the huge financial burden and mental pressure for overseas students.
2. Low cost of living: The German government allows university students to work tax-free, and stipulates a protective minimum remuneration standard (no less than 7.5 euros per hour), so studying in Germany in addition to self-insurance of about 7716 euros, all the rest The living expenses of the school year can be solved by part-time work.
   3. Science and engineering education ranks among the top in the world. Germany has always been the most famous industrial country in the world. The quality of education for science and engineering majors in some German universities can reach world-class levels, and even some majors can compete with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States and the unit’s Imperial College. It shows the power of German science and engineering.

   Disadvantages: German Language is more difficult.

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6th Place: France

   France is also ahead of other countries in the world in terms of art, humanities and industry. Students are generally studing in Paris. Not because of cluster awareness, but because there are more good schools in Paris. Therefore, relatively speaking, the cost of studying abroad will be much higher than other places. Public schools in Paris also charge tuition, but the registration fee needs 200-400 Euro, and the accommodation fee will be higher than other regions, almost 500 Euro/month, plus other living expenses and other expenses, the average monthly expenditure is about 1400 Euros.
   If your French is good, you can also go to work all over Paris. Monthly income is not bad. If the cost of work is not calculated, the annual study abroad in France is about 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, which is relatively high. Where to buy fake France diploma

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7th Place: Switzerland

   Almost every Swiss hotel management school used to be a Swiss star hotel. One of the hotel management courses in Switzerland is a paid internship.
  The financial banking industry is a very developed Swiss bank. In Swiss universities, banking is second only to hotel management, so the diploma is highly recognized.
   Employment prospects: Mainly leaning towards international business and international affairs, operating business and dealing with political and economic affairs from a global perspective. Application Guide: Similar to the application for business majors, it requires a TOEFL score of 580 or more, a GMAT score of 630 or more, and a certain amount of work experience. Buy fake Swiss diploma in Hotel Management

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8th Place: Netherlands

   1. The quality of education is high, and the government strongly supports education. For a long time, the academic level and practical ability of Dutch university graduates have enjoyed a high reputation in Europe, and their classic business majors have been highly sought after by international students. After graduation, students usually have half a year to find a job, and they can find a job in more than 20 Schengen countries. After finding a suitable job, they can switch to a work visa.
  2. The Dutch government has invested a lot of money in education to make the cost of “study abroad” in the Netherlands relatively low. The tuition fee is between 50,000 yuan and 70,000 yuan per year, and the average cost of living is about 50,000 yuan per year. The visa application does not require the financial security of the student’s family. The legal work is 10 hours a week, which will not bring a huge financial burden to the student and family.
  3. High visa pass rate, visa can be extended for one year after graduation. The Dutch government has developed a friendly and preferential visa policy for international students. The Netherlands implements a visa return policy for students, that is, students do not need to participate in interviews, and the Dutch universities apply for them to the Dutch Immigration Bureau to apply on their behalf. After the student visa is passed, they can get the visa at the embassy or consulate. Buy A Fake Netherlands university degree.

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