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Bethel University is a Christian liberal arts school in Arden Hills, MN. And the largest school in the 13-member Christian College Consortium. As a liberal arts university featuring a seminary, Bethel has more than 100 degrees through four different schools. The university also offers a 5-Year Bachelor’s to M.A. in Ministry Program, which allows students from most majors to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. How to order a fake Bethel University diploma, buy fake Bethel University certificate online. Order a Bethel University degree, buy fake diploma in Minnesota.

Nearly all incoming freshmen receive some form of scholarship funds, including scholarships for incoming art or science majors. As members of a community grounded in Christian values, students sign Bethel’s “Covenant of Life Together.” Which asks students to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol, gambling and extramarital sex. Motivated and inspired by the Christian faith, 93% of Bethel seniors rank their education good and move on to take on roles in leadership, scholarship, and service.

Bethel University began in Chicago, Illinois, as a seminary for Baptist immigrants from Sweden. In 1871, John Alexis Edgren opened a school for Swedish Baptist immigrants in the basement of First Swedish Baptist Church in Chicago. In 1914, now under the support of Baptist General Conference, the seminary merged with Bethel Academy and relocated its campus to Saint Paul, Minnesota. In 1931, the Academy became Bethel Junior College. The addition of a four-year liberal arts college program created Bethel College and Seminary in 1947. The school relocated from St. Paul to Arden Hills, Minnesota in 1972. Beginning in 2004, the institution changed its name to Bethel University.